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Created by two teachers with many years experience working with children, Adventures in Reading takes a refreshing, innovative approach to English literature. Learning has the potential to be great fun, and we create tools for children to make that possible. Our exciting, imaginative adventures are infused with values such as sharing, cooperation, friendship and taking responsibility.
Story books for children

reading steps SMALLAdventures in Reading produces stories for readers of all ages. As well as being exciting stories, they address personal and social values such as kindness, respect, honesty and team work…and tackle broader issues such as equality, multiculturalism and the environment. The stories are grouped into three main categories.

Story time titles are targeted at the 3 to 7 age group and are designed to be read by adults to children, or by children themselves. They are fun, refreshing stories with memorable characters. They also encourage children by example to positive qualities…encouraging a cooperative, caring, respectful attitude to self, others, material possessions and the world we live in.

Younger reader titles are suited to children who are reading aloud to an adult, and those who are perhaps just starting to read alone. They include “stories in rhyme”, which complement the way children learn to read and spell, and help in developing an understanding of phonics. Our reading books for the younger reader follow government recommendations for literacy, and employ a progressive phonics based approach. We are in the process of developing stories for a reading scheme based on this method.

Independent reader titles are targetted at older children aged 9+, who are reading confidently alone and crave exciting adventure stories. The stories transport children to a different world, widening their imagination to include life in the past and in different parts of the world. The characters have adventures in different eras of history and different geographical locations and environments. Settings for the stories range from modern day North London, through nineteenth century Namibia and South Africa, through second century BC Egypt and the Middle East, to a prehistoric Europe. Core social issues are explored within the context of the stories. For example, “The Island’ is set in prehistoric times , yet addresses issues of culture and race which are relevant today. “Through the Wormhole” is set in a Britain in which aliens travel to Earth. As well as being an exciting and funny tale, there are aspects of the story that parallel imperialism and deal with equality and rights.
Audio books

mp3 kid CROPWe have exciting news! Your favourite Adventures in Reading stories will soon be available on audio book…these will be available to download from both iTunes and Amazon mp3 store, as well as from our own bookshop. The audio books will be ideal for younger readers to use independently with the books, or provide great stories for all age groups at bed time or in the car.
Work sheets

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We are currently in the process of developing a series of worksheets based on the characters and learning levels of some of the stories in the Adventures in Reading range. Parents and teachers will be able to use the worksheets in conjunction with the books. These will be compatible with guidelines specified in the National Curriculum for literacy at key stages 1 and 2.
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